Friday May 19th


The Storey Auditorium


Doors Open 7pm - Open Mic 7.15 - 7.45pm

Admission £5 / £3 (conc.)




Basil Ransome-Davies - Prose 

A prizewinning author in both prose and verse, Watford-born Basil offers a gonzo take on existence in the North-West.




Simon Sylvester - Prose 

Simon Sylvester is a writer, teacher and filmmaker. His first novel, The Visitors, won The Guardian Not The Booker prize. Simon will be reading new flash fiction at Spotlight - short stories about islands, origami, the afterlife, and soup.




Luke Brown - Prose 

Luke says he started writing quite a bit ago. He now gets invited to numerous Spoken Word events because the organizers are far too generous. His influences are fairly obvious. He will be reading, mostly, from the backs of postcards. Take heart in the fact that most of his work is very short.



Garzo - Music/Poetry/Rap 

Adrian Bates Garcia - "My Hip Hop name is Garzo, I am a 19 year old poet/ rapper. I will be performing three songs, Far Away, We Are and Love. I like to make poems that inspire and motivate people. The three songs I will be performing are metaphorical stories that contain messages love and positivity."




Robbie De Vito 



Mollie Baxter & Chris Hargreaves 

A few weeks ago, Mollie and Chris performed together for the first time at The Morecambe Community Music Melting Pot Project, (The Pot). At Spotlight they'll be playing a pot pourri of old, new, original and covers, which may or may not be recognisable to you, or them either, for that matter. It will definitely involve guitars, probably ukulele and possibly balloons.






Compere: Simon Baker