Friday April 21st


The Storey Auditorium


Doors Open 7pm - Open Mic 7.15 - 7.45pm

Admission £5 / £3 (conc.)

The Line-Up


Rachel McGladdery - Poetry 

Rachel McGladdery is a poet living in Garstang, she has had work widely published online and in journals, most recently in the current edition of Prole magazine. Lately she's got a bit stuck thinking about her odd, imaginative and sometimes solitary childhood and is working on retelling some of this in poetic form. Some of these have become poems for children and some have definitely not.



Norman Hadley - Poetry 

After an absence measured by historians as far-too-long, Garstang poet Norman Hadleystumbles back into the glare of the Spotlight stage with some meditations on being 7000 years old, discursion on why absolutely everyone should be a mathematician and forthright advice on how to pronounce the letter 'a'.


Kate Bower - Prose 

'I have been writing for a long time - mostly poetry and short stories. There is something addictive about crafting whole imagined realities out of mere words. In recent years I've even 'levelled up' to Novel Tucked Away in a Drawer status. I am now busy fleshing out back stories for my characters and exploring the history/politics of my fictional universe in preparation for a second novel. I live in Morecambe with my husband, daughter and a whole lot of pet notebooks.'


  Plus Music  


Tadiwa Maglunghe 

Tadiwa took part in our 'Listening To Youth' Showcase last month performing stand-up comedy. Tonight he returns wearing his musician's hat. 'I have been performing music for 5 years however, have recently fallen in love with comedy. One of my main musical influences is Donald Glover, a comedian turned actor turned rapper turned director, he exhibits a degree of indecisiveness that I both identify with and has cost me several potential relationships. I want to follow in his footsteps and have no idea who or what I am until it's too late.'



Mr Ben 


Mr Ben is Ben Hall from Lancaster who describes himself as

'a ham fisted 

Lancashire lad who plays melodic folk-pop'.




Compere - Tony Povah