'Listening To Youth'

Spotlight ran it's first 'Listening To Youth' project in 2012. 

We have recently completed our 2014 -

'Listening To Youth 2' 

Funded in conjunction with
Arts Council

Spotlight's 'Listening To Youth 2' project began with Open Mic 'Try-Outs'  for 14 - 21 year old's at the William Mitchell, Morecambe on Tuesday February 25th and The Gregson Centre, Lancaster on Wednesday February 26th. These were followed by
a programme of developmental workshops run at The Gregson Centre.

'Listening To Youth 2' reached it's climax with a showcase performance at The Storey Auditorium on March 21st.

The line-up reflected the wealth of young creative talent

within the Lancaster District.

The Showcase

Project Worker and guest compere Trev Meaney gets the show on the road.

A packed audience ready to be entertained.

1st to perform was guest poet from our 2012 project, Lenni Sanders - now a regular performer at Spotlight.

2nd guest from 2012, Jordan Hurst who now lives in Wigan but travelled back to perform.

The 3rd guest spot went to young writer Ailish Woollett who has recently worked with Spotlight on our 'Positive Ages - Times of Life' project.

Hellen Kelly, another of 'the class of 2012' closed the guest section with two of her own powerfully lyric-driven songs.

First of our 2014 project performers, 15 year old Michael Stables from Morecambe read two of his prose pieces which he introduced as 'the stuff I write at one o'clock in the morning'.

Next to gain the audience's respect was Emily Butt with her intensely moving poems about the difficulties of caring in the modern world.

Thomas Jennings read both witty poems and erudite prose which got him huge audience approval.

Time for a break for the young performers as three Spotlight Old Boys get  in on the act - Showcase compere, Trev Meaney, occasional compere, Pascal (the Rascal) Desmond and our regular compere, Simon Baker demonstrate an old Lancashire tradition...

...it's a traditional dance...


Sanity returns with Amy Luxton performing her poems which draw on the way women have been represented by male authors from Shakespeare onwards.

Student Emily Ingle read poetry displaying far reaching intelligence.

Last of the new young writers to perform was Chris Hanlon, another young poet who will certainly be returning to the Spotlight stage in the near future.

Trev Meaney rounded off the show with polished flair and a pre-view of material he will shortly be performing at the Edinburgh fringe.

Singer/songwriter Cameron Baird closed the evening with two of his own songs and will be back at Spotlight on the main bill in May. In the meantime you can hear him here.