Friday October 20th


The Storey Auditorium

Doors Open 7pm - Open Mic 7.15 - 7.45pm

Admission £5 / £3 (Conc.)


The Line-Up:

Eleanor Avon - Poetry 

Eleanor is one of the young writers first featured at Spotlight in out 'Listening To Youth Showcase' back in March. 'I write poems and tentatively share them on YouTube. Although I've written lots of prose and am primarily a musician, I'm fairly new to writing poetry so I'm not really sure what I'm doing, but enjoy doing so anyway. I hope you like my stuff.'



Roger Allen - Poetry 

72 Years old (which means I am one of those from the 60's !) and still writing poems. Since the spine operation I had to stop work on the allotment. I had to do something to pass the time. On a more serious note it is people and their places that bothers me; becoming the push for another poem. Oh yes there is one other thing. Mum read poetry to me while I dozed in the cot. Was I listening or just pretending to be asleep?!


Ruth Snowdon - Poetry 

Ruth Snowden writes poems and short prose. In recent times, she has been working on a collection of poems about her work as an engineer on construction projects. A teacher once told her that poetry was about the efficient use of language. She is currently musing on the parallels between poems and engineering.

Kacie Conley - Poetry 

Kacie is one of Spotlight's newest young writers: 'I haven't been writing poetry for long, I think it's been a year since I began, but only 3 months since I began reading it to people. Most of my work is based on old memories or thoughts that cross my mind throughout the day'.



Marc Nellis 


Originally from south west Scotland, Marc has been playing in bands and as a solo artist all over the UK since the late '90s. Marc draws from a wide range of influences and has most recently been seduced by smaller Scottish indie labels such as Fence and Song By Toad which has inspired new songs for his forthcoming third album which will be released early next year. Marc will be performing a selection of his new tracks at Spotlight, his first solo set here since 2012.




Lancaster based Turnstone perform original songs in a Folk/Country

style, Joanne writes most of the words and Becca writes most

of the tunes... and sometimes it is the other way round... Andrew

creates accompanying melodies on a variety of instruments, and

when the band are very lucky Paul plays fiddle and Ben

plays percussion too.

Turnstone's debut album can be found at:


and the band can be contacted via email at:

or through facebook at: turnstonemusic



 Compere: Tony Povah